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Acute illness

When we are open

In the event of acute illness during our telephone hours, please call us:

Tel: 44 98 01 40

Please call us early in the day preferably between 8-9 a.m.

After 11:00 a.m.we will refer you to our emergency number, which covers both doctors until 16 pm. on weekdays.

This number should only be used if you have a problem that can not wait until we reopen. For prescription renewals, appointments and common non-urgent questions, please wait until we are open again during normal telephone hours.

When we are closed: evenings, weekends and holidays

In the event of an acute illness or worsening of a known chronic illness, once we have closed, please call:

The regional emergency telephone - tel. 1813

The emergency telephone only takes care of acute illness - long-term problems, lack of prescriptions, etc., which can be seen during the day, please contact us.

In acute and life-threatening illness

Call the national alarm center on telephone 1-1-2

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