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Online prescription renewal

Online prescription renewal is done by your affiliated doctor

Please click on your doctor below.


General information about prescribing medication

Prescribing medicine is not just "a matter of expedition". The doctor's prescription right is linked to the authorization as a doctor, and the doctor must exercise care and conscientiousness when issuing all prescriptions.

We use reusable prescriptions
A prescription can be printed so that you can have your medication many times on the same prescription which means you do not have to contact the clinic every time before. Thus, we prefer to prescribe permanent medicine for one year at a time. The prescription is on the national pharmacy server (Receptserveren) . When the prescriptions has been used up, it is time for a new check-up at our clinic, so in that case please make an appointment.

Permanent medication

  • Medicines for high blood pressure, heart, cholesterol, asthma and COPD

  • Medicine for osteoporosis

  • Painkiller for eg severe osteoarthritis

  • ADHD medication

  • Anxiety- and depression medication

  • Birth control pills and mini-pills

We basically decide once a year whether to change, stop or continue the medication, and print prescriptions for the entire next year.

Medication as needed

  • Migraine medication

  • Viagra and other potency medicine

  • Eczema / hormone creams

  • Nasal sprays

  • Allergy medication

We also like to prescribe this medication for 1-2 years of consumption, if there is a stable situation. This is done through a consultation, where we calculate how much you will need in the next period of time. Then the prescriptions are ready at the pharmacy. Alternatively, you must contact the clinic from time to time via e-mail, via our selfservice or request a renewal via the app "Medicinkortet", which can be downloaded to your smartphone.

Short-term medication
Short-term periods of medication, eg for cystitis, eye inflammation or pneumonia, are always prescribed only after an individual assessment and only by a physical appontment. We do not prescribe medication over the phone until we have assessed you.

How much medicine do I have left?
You can also download the mobile app MEDICINKORTET, where you can see your current medicine, which is
registered on the FMK by a physician either in hospital, in general practice, or in 1813.
You can also see your open prescriptions, ie. prescriptions you can still use at the pharmacy.
Along with the open prescriptions, you can also see the medicine you have already been given at the pharmacy.

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