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Welcome to Bagsværd Lægehus

Bagsværd Lægehus is a medical clinic owned and operated by doctors Stella Kærgaard and Kim Bartholdy. The medical center is run on a daily basis in close collaboration with common values, common guidelines and common staff, but as a patient you are only affiliated with one of the doctors in the medical center - the doctor who appears on the health card.

We prioritize continuity
We think it is important that you meet a professional who knows about you and your medical history, especially if it concerns a chronic illness or other long-term problem. Therefore, we will also strive to see you with your regular nurse if you have an illness that requires frequent checks, such as diabetes.

Joint cooperation
As the medical center is run as a close collaboration, you also have the opportunity as a patient to be assessed in the same medical center for acute issues if your regular doctor is absent, eg due to vacation, illness or course.

In addition, we enter into a joint on-call collaboration with other doctors locally in Bagsværd, when needed, so that we - in the absence of both doctors - can refer to another named doctor close to our house.

Please bring the yellow health card and scan it at the arrival screen in the waiting room for all inquiries.

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