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Welcome in Bagsværd Lægehus

We are happy that you have chosen our medical clinic as your entrance to the Danish healthcare system.

We strive to provide a high healthcare professional standard and a good patient service. We are medically updated and are continuously involved in quality assurance and assessment according to the guidelines of the authorities.

Before we meet for the first time
We will ask you to contact your previous doctor and ask them to send your medical record electronically to us.


Please tell them the name of the doctor you have chosen in our clinic (either Stella Kærgaard or Kim Bartholdy)
Alternatively,  tell the licens number of the doctor you have chosen:

  • Licens number 8869, if you have chosen Stella Kærgaard as your doctor.

  • Licens number 9008, if you have chosen Kim Bartholdy as your doctor.

Hereby we automatically receive your medical record, medical information, allergies, chronic diseases, immunization status, etc., which are loaded electronically into our system when you book an appointment with us.

When you need us for the first time
When you need our help, call us so that our secretary can book an appointment for you and provide you with some practical information you need to know in advance.

On behalf of both doctors and clinic staff once again welcome in Bagsværd Lægehus.

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